This morning, the Homily at mass spoke to me.

The speaker was a bishop from out of town, visiting on his vacation. The Gospel reading was from the book of John, a story in which Jesus, once again, referred to Himself and his teachings as bread for which we hunger. It reminded me of how often we, as people, hunger for God and try to satisfy ourselves with other things.

Whether it’s money or fame or attention or academic prowess or body image or substance abuse, people try to so hard to quench the very human craving for something more–something better. And all the while, what we truly need is there beside us, free of charge, waiting for us to notice it. All the while, what we truly crave, we have already been given long, long ago.

I want to be more aware of my tendency to satisfy myself with replacements for the ultimate satisfaction. Being thin, shopping, publications, recognition–none of these are worth my efforts in the end. Isn’t strange that the thing we truly need the most in life–God–is the only thing in life that is completely free and ours for the taking?


One thought on “Hunger

  1. Maggie, I too was struck by the homily. For me, it was the child not understanding what Eucharist was but being told “you may not understand now, but later you will”. How true that is for me too, not only as a child but also an adult.

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