To Write or Not To Write

I was catching up with a very special friend from college this evening when she asked me something that I can’t stop thinking about. “Do you still blog?”

I was disappointed to reply to her that I do not. And then I wondered why.

My reasons? Medical school is busy. Writing takes time. And one reason that shouldn’t matter but really does: I’m not sure anyone reads my blogs (except family and a couple really sweet people who also blog, including my friend Chip’s mom, who actually is a lot like me).

While my motivation for writing has never stemmed primarily from the feedback I get from readers, my thought that blogging is no different from journaling leads me to journal rather than blog.

So, here’s an experiment: If you did or would like to read my blogs (content: spiritual, emotional, meaning-of-life-ish), then comment on this entry. If I know people are listening, then I will definitely start posting again.

If not, then I’ll stick to journaling 🙂



8 thoughts on “To Write or Not To Write

  1. Maggie! I hope you’re doing well in med school, and with planning the wedding! I have done a terrible job at keeping up with friends from college, including you, but I want you to know that I think about you every now and then (I really should call you and catch up at some point) and I still appreciate our friendship. I love keeping up with your blog – makes me feel like I haven’t completely lost touch with you. Please keep writing, and I’ll keep reading!

  2. I love your blogs my dear!! I think people scroll through fb pretty fast and don’t take much time to stop and read. I do! Blog when the urge hits you😍😍

  3. Please please please don’t stop. I love reading it. It really is encouraging to others. (I’m Vickie Driskell’s sister). I’ve followed you through Hannah and Vickie for years and I’m so happy you are doing so well!

  4. Always listening sweet girl. Write what moves you, when it moves you. No rules, no time table. Even if you only reach one person, you just might make their day a little brighter, eh? Love you. 🙂

  5. Yes! I journal too! Not everything in my journal is ‘fit for public consumption’ – so you may have the need to rotate between the two – but PLEASE don’t deprive us (when you have those beautiful lines) of sharing them on your blog. You are a busy woman, especially during medical school; it’s understandable that your timing may seem sporadic to you, but it’ll have a way of finding the reader who needs it whenever you put it out there. Trust the process. I read every one you write!

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