Let it Overflow!

I like to think of the soul as a cup that is capable of both holding and delivering God’s love. One reason that I consider myself to be a Christian (because I admittedly do find many other religions to be quite beautiful and worthy of being celebrated) is because Jesus demonstrated the capacity of a […]

Writing as Therapy

One of my gifts is my ability to feel what other people feel. I know that empathy is not unique among compassionate people, especially in the medical field. But I do believe the level at which I empathize is uncommon. When I say this, I don’t mean it in an arrogant way, and I don’t […]

Becoming Enough vs. Being Beloved

Today I woke up feeling disappointed in myself. I was angry with myself eating a cupcake last night. If I hadn’t eaten anything “bad” I might have woken up angry with myself for having a glass of wine, or not being a good enough wife, or not studying enough during my free time, or watching […]

object unseen

“In hope we are saved, yet hope is not hope if its object is seen.” Romans 8:24 I was reading part of a Richard Rohr book tonight (Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality), and I came upon this verse, written by Paul. I do not know if God points out His Words to us when we […]

Procrastinating the Right Now

I used to think that I was one of the world’s best at not procrastinating. When I was in grade school, I did my homework in class before leaving school. When I make a mess, I clean as I go, so there is rarely ever a mess. Even today, I prefer to get all of […]

A Journey of Healing

I recently began a new and important journey. It is a long-awaited journey of healing. I am choosing to share this because I am proud of the changes I am making and because I believe my struggle is one that is shared by many. As the Parable of the Servant in the Gospel of Luke […]

Our Greatest Power

This morning I felt sorry for myself. It started late last night, when I impulsively ate a few too many spoonfuls of Nutella. At 6 AM this morning, I hit the snooze button, so I couldn’t get in a morning workout. I went to school feeling somewhat oversaturated. Then, I got to class and had to sit […]