Blinding Lights

Today, according to the Church calendar, is the feast day of the conversion of Paul. Formerly named Saul, he worked for the government in a position where he punished people, especially Christians. He was one day on a journey at work and was blinded by a strong light.  4 He fell to the ground and heard […]

A New Year (Again)

I have moments when I realize that I have missing the point again. Life is racing by, and I am missing opportunities to love people that are right in front of me because my focus is elsewhere. I suspect that most people have these moments but that not everyone is willing to commit their thoughts […]

That for which we thirst

13 For I am the Lord your God     who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear;     I will help you. 17 “The poor and needy search for water,     but there is none;     their tongues are parched with thirst. But I the Lord will answer them;     I, the God of Israel, will […]

So Many Blessings

What if you truly believed everything good in your life was not something you deserved but something that you were gifted? I recently read the manuscript of a 90-year-old sociology professor who has been receiving chemotherapy and radiation for stage IV lung cancer at the Mayo Clinic. He, too, is publishing the thoughts that his […]

Shifting the Focus

There are times when I feel inspired at mass, and there are other times when I try my best to stay present in mind and spirit as I struggle to keep my mind from wandering everywhere but towards God. Today I felt inspired. Prior to entering the church, I turned to my husband and voiced […]

Let it Overflow!

I like to think of the soul as a cup that is capable of both holding and delivering God’s love. One reason that I consider myself to be a Christian (because I admittedly do find many other religions to be quite beautiful and worthy of being celebrated) is because Jesus demonstrated the capacity of a […]

Writing as Therapy

One of my gifts is my ability to feel what other people feel. I know that empathy is not unique among compassionate people, especially in the medical field. But I do believe the level at which I empathize is uncommon. When I say this, I don’t mean it in an arrogant way, and I don’t […]